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Nousmedis specializes in automating all types of publications with Adobe InDesign and EasyCatalog. We offer consulting, training and development of automation solutions that will allow you to generate catalogs, manuals, price lists or textbooks completely free of supervision and in a matter of minutes.

Automation for everyone

The best tools to automate your catalogs


EasyCatalog has been in the market for more than 10 years and has become the most powerful and versatile tool to automate the publication of catalogs in InDesign. Nousmedis is an official distributor of EasyCatalog. In addition, we offer you exclusively the only version of this powerful plug-in for Adobe InDesign with connectivity to Sales Layer, a complete cloud-based Product Information Management (PIM) solution.

EasyCatalog lets you automate your product catalogs, price lists or datasheets from data stored in a PIM, a relational database, a text file, an XML document or an Excel spreadsheet. And since the connection to your data is bi-directional, any changes made in the InDesign document can be reflected back into your data source, ensuring information integrity across all your sales channels.

Catalog Cloud

Catalog Cloud is the tool that allows you to generate catalogs in PDF or InDesign format quickly, easily and error-free.

It is based on an intuitive and flexible platform for pagination in templates, allowing you to efficiently and quickly layout catalogs with customized design without the need to be a layout expert.

Catalog Cloud puts your catalog content in the hands of your marketing team and gives your designers or agency free reign to create the most attractive designs.

Advantages of Catalog Automation

Time is money

Automate your publications and save up to 80% time (and money). Now you can devote your resources to improving the quality of your product descriptions and images, or open new markets with multi-language publications.

Multiple output formats

A paper book, an e-store, an interactive PDF document, an ePub or an application for tablet or smartphone, whatever it may be, automation allows you to distribute your content in a thousand different ways.

Your catalog at a click

Automate your catalog and get print-ready final documents when you need them, with always up-to-date references, descriptions and prices, in multiple languages and formats.

Content comes first

Whatever the source of your data, we have a solution for you. We work with any relational database, ERPs, PIM, text documents, Excel sheets or XML files.

Data Management

PIM: Product Information Management

Using a PIM (Product Information Manager) is the easiest way to organize product information and thus facilitate the task of automating catalogs, brochures or price lists. If your company already has a PIM, we will adapt to it. If not, we can offer you our flagship solution: Sales Layer, a SaaS PIM that resides in the cloud and allows an almost immediate start-up, and of which we are Gold partners.

Sales Layer

Sales Layer is a PIM hosted in the cloud (Amazon Web Services), distributed through a monthly subscription service.

Sales Layer means you don’t need to maintain expensive servers in your company – which require constant updates and monitoring – and you don’t need to install any software on your sales team’s computers. A simple Web browser is all you need to access the complete management of your product information. And since it is based on the latest Web standards, you can also access and modify information from any mobile platform.

Sales Layer is constantly evolving. By simply subscribing, you will have access to a platform that is constantly improving, thanks to the contributions and suggestions of the hundreds of users who use it every day. You will be able to enjoy all the updates and improvements without having to update your devices or incur additional licensing costs.

The PIM already provides lots of connectors to easily import and export data to third party apps. But if you want a custom made connector, SyncWall is the solution you are looking for.

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