The InDesign plug-in that automates your catalogs

EasyCatalog is the most complete and powerful plugin to automate all types of catalogs, price lists, brochures and other large documents with Adobe InDesign. Nousmedis is the official distributor of EasyCatalog. We offer advice and support in the choice of licenses and modules so that you can successfully automate your catalogs, brochures or magazines in the shortest possible time. Or, if you prefer, we can take care of the complete automation of your catalog, train you in the use of our development and deliver the final documents in InDesign and/or high resolution PDF format.

EasyCatalog for Adobe® InDesign®

Have you ever had to create a catalog automatically from data in an Excel document, a database or a PIM?

EasyCatalog can drastically reduce layout time while ensuring that your documents remain error-free, especially for time-critical publications. Trusted by thousands of users in over thirty countries, EasyCatalog has established itself as one of the most powerful and flexible catalog automation solutions for Adobe InDesign.

The data source file can be as simple as a comma-separated text document, an Excel document or, in more complex cases, and through the use of optional modules, an XML file, an ODBC-compliant database or a product information management (PIM) tool. If your company has invested time and money in developing a database, why not using the same information to produce your catalogs automatically, based on the information contained in the database? The data will always be correct and up to date and, in addition, you will be able to layout your catalogs in record time.

Forget about spending time on corrections: the information contained in your data source will be perfectly and error-free. Moreover, producing your catalogs in an additional language version has never been easier.

EasyCatalog is capable of automatically producing extensive and/or extremely complex catalogs, but it is also the ideal tool for quickly and effortlessly creating brochures, price lists or any kind of document where data and images abound.

EasyCatalog offers endless possibilities for displaying your catalog data: you can design templates that specify how a record should appear when it is placed on the page; save these templates in an InDesign Library so that you can create pages with a complex structure in a matter of seconds by a simple “drag and drop”, and maintain a “live” connection with the database.

Code your catalog

Don’t feel like learning a programming language?

For catalogs and brochures of medium or low complexity, it is not necessary to learn any programming language. But in more complicated cases, with endless tables of technical characteristics, lists of icons or products with multiple images, EasyCatalog provides you with several programming languages, such as LUA, JavaScript, AppleScript or Visual Basic.

Try it for free

Try out EasyCatalog without obligation for 30 days!

You can download trial versions of EasyCatalog and each of the optional modules without any strings attached. They are complete and functional versions, with the only limitation of time: 30 days. Start your 30-day trial period now, and do not hesitate to contact us through our support page during this time. We will answer your questions and help you get your catalog automation up and running in the shortest possible time.

Automate your first catalog

You can watch a short video tutorial on how EasyCatalog works. The necessary documents are included so that you can carry out the project from your computer. To do so, do not forget to download the EasyCatalog trial version.