Sales Layer

A cloud-based, single data source

Sales Layer is a PIM (Product Information Manager) that is hosted on Amazon Web Services. This way, to access the most up-to-date information on your products, simply connect from any device that supports a modern Web browser, such as Safari on iOS and Mac OS X, Microsoft Edge on Windows, Firefox or Google Chrome on Windows, Macintosh and Android. You will save on maintenance and installation costs of database solutions hosted on proprietary servers, which also require the installation of proprietary software that is not compatible with all platforms.

Using Sales Layer will allow you to forget about tedious spreadsheets to edit and share your product information. Simply update your data in Sales Layer and your e-commerce sites, mobile applications and printed catalogs will be synchronized automatically. Sales Layer has a multitude of bi-directional connectors, allowing you to share your data with InDesign, Magento, Prestashop or WordPress, among others.

What is a PIM?

A Product Information Manager (PIM or GIP in Spanish) is a product information management system or platform. Its main purpose is to be a central repository of all product data of a company or industry. From a technical point of view, a PIM helps to extract, harmonize and propagate data to and from different channels. From a functional point of view, a PIM helps to classify, enrich and translate your product information.

What type of information does a PIM manage?

  • Marketing information (descriptions, tags, images, multimedia content…)
  • User information (comments, product rating…)
  • Technical information (measurements, composition, identifiers, technical diagrams…)
  • Sales prices, discounts, prices by country…
  • Logistic information
  • Product classification

Main features of Sales Layer

Sales Layer is a PIM, and as such, it offers the following features:

Data extraction

Collect data from existing sources such as your ERP or supplier databases.

Optimize and choose the data you want to integrate into your catalog.

Define priorities between the different data sources.

Information enrichment

Enrich products with marketing or technical materials and information.

Classify products and associate them with one or more catalogs.

Manage processes and data lifecycles by facilitating audits and workflows.

Control the quality of the information (duplicates, non-filled fields, etc.).

Information Distribution

Manage multiple sales channels (e-commerce, print, apps, social networks, marketplaces…).

Select catalogs and information to be distributed through each channel.

Send information to programs to create printed or digital catalogs.

Who needs Sales Layer?

Any professional or organization that works with product catalogs as a strategic element (i.e. producers, distributors and sales channels).
Anyone who needs to centralize product information for different sales, distribution or management channels.
Those who need to efficiently control the quality of their product information sent to external or internal channels.

How does it work?

Import product information

Easy data upload to the cloud

At the push of a button, you can upload your information whatever the source format. Sales Layer detects the optimal way to import your data and creates a customized database for you. The entire import process only takes a few minutes. And from then on, the magic begins:

  • You can manage the professional retouching of your images with a simple mouse click.
  • Your product descriptions can be translated by professional services into more than thirty languages: English, German, Chinese, Arabic, French, etc.
  • You can reorganize your catalog and add points of sale, tags or categories.
Analyze your data

Accurate information throughout the production chain

Sales Layer is very easy to use. A 2-hour session is all it takes for the different departments in your company to use our tool with ease. However, behind this affordable appearance hides a robust and efficient program, which is easily configurable, allowing you to monitor the status of your products at a glance.

Sales Layer checks the quality of your catalog through a real-time SEM/SEO analysis, so that you can improve your descriptions, keywords or product images so that search engines will show your products first. Different overview views will tell you when to add missing images, untranslated descriptions or relevant feature fields that have been left blank.

Edit content

Easily find your products

Sales Layer allows you to create as many sorting levels as you need. This way you can view only the products of the department or family you are going to work with. Use the thumbnail view if you prefer to browse through your catalog images, or the list view mode to search by name, refference number or department. In either view you have different filters to modify the order and number of products displayed.

Update all displayed products at once using group actions: labels, prices, colours or descriptions. Simply tell Sales Layer which fields to modify, and all your products will be automatically updated.

Connect and publish

Advertise your products, on any channel

There are millions of potential customers for your products. Sales Layer puts you in touch with them in a matter of minutes, whatever channel they use. Use one of our customized connectors or, if you prefer, we can develop a custom one with our tool, SyncWall. Connection is always bi-directional: changes in Sales Layer will be automatically reflected in the output channel you have chosen; in turn, any changes in the final format can be uploaded to Sales Layer, so that the other channels reflect the same corrections.

Sales Layer meets your needs

Sales Layer grows with your company. Start with a basic account and migrate your current workflow to the cloud. You’ll find it’s all advantages. When you feel comfortable and want to add more users, increase the number of items or connect your data to other platforms, you can migrate to a higher account. You won’t need to install anything on your current devices: a standard web browser will suffice.

And of course, Nousmedis will advise you at all times to make the migration process fast and effective.