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The software for B2B sales

Does your company have a mobile B2B sales team that needs to coordinate with other departments? The best solution is an All in One product. With Mobile Sales by Catalog Player you will have everything your sales team needs to go out and sell in just one app, monitored in real time to control and improve the sales process.

With Mobile Sales, you will be able to improve the entire B2B commercial sales process and know exactly what is happening before, during and after the visit. You will also gain a key metric: you will have data on what is going on during the visit. A necessary digital transformation to optimize time and to empower your sales team.

Mobile Sales soluciones

What is Mobile Sales?

Mobile Sales by Catalog Player is everything your sales team needs to go out and sell. With our mobile B2B sales app, your sales team will present your products and services interactively, place orders, plan tasks, and access data and interactions with your clients. All done quickly and easily from their tablets, which are connected to your ERP at all times.

With Mobile Sales, your sales team will be able to:

  • Prepare routes, plan visits, and carry out visit reports in an integrated way. With the main functions of a CRM.
  • Integrate presentations, catalogs, and commercial material in one place, and present it in an attractive and interactive way.
  • Sell and place orders from a tablet or laptop, so the orders go directly to the ERP. Both online and offline.
  • Share information with the client, before, during and after the visit, and know whether they have requested it, with complete traceability.

Main features of Mobile Sales

Mobile Sales is a sales enablement tool, and as such, it offers you the following functionalities:


Catálogo digital

Interactive catalog

Interface adapted to the client’s corporate image

More attractive presentations

Creation of custom portfolios

High-resolution images (retinal quality)

Easy interaction with clients

Extensive product information

The entire interactive catalog offline

crm movil

Mobile CRM

360º view of the client from their tablet

Improved planning and commercial efficiency

Visit and activity report

Optimization of the sales team’s time

gestor de pedidos

Mobile order manager

Automated sales: productivity and efficiency

Allows mobile and remote visits

Facilitates price management

Order and sales history

Module to formalize the sale

integración erp Pim

Integration of ERP and PIM

Synchronized product data

Own tested connector

Bidirectional connection

Ventas omnicanal

Omnichannel sales

Quality on-site and remote visits

Monitoring of client activity

Traceability of hybrid sales

Continuity of the sales process

Updated catalog on the Extranet

gestor de pedidos

Control panels and KPI’s

Analytics panel

Indicators to consult and analyze results

Traceability and development of performed actions

Goal fulfillment data

Quick and advanced filters

Who needs Mobile Sales?

Manufacturers and distributors of products and services with B2B sales teams.
Companies of any sector and size seeking to digitize their sales process.
It is particularly aimed at companies with extensive catalogs, with salespeople who need the entire offer at their fingertips.
It is also very useful for companies with a diverse offer in several countries and with catalogs in multiple languages. Likewise, it is essential for large companies that miss (or cannot trace) content generated by the marketing team and want to manage it from a single place.
In short: any B2B company that wants to sell more and sell better.

How does Mobile Sales work?

Creation of a virtual catalog

Value content that is always up to date

Firstly, the marketing department creates a desired graphic environment and selects and organizes the value content to be made available to the sales team. All the products, presentations, and catalogs will be available to the sales team at all times from their tablets.

Contenidos de valor siempre actualizados
Empoderamiento comercial
Visit preparation

Commercial empowerment

To be able to plan the visits efficiently, the sales team needs all the relevant client information. The salesperson prepares their day, checks their scheduled visits (virtual or remote), and organizes their route. They can also create or modify new custom portfolios according to the client they will be visiting, even being able to modify prices and offers.

Visit and engagement

Long-term relationship with the clients

During the visit, either remote or in-person, the salesperson can easily access the content and manage the offers, orders, and sales report. The app assists them in optimizing the visit according to the objectives and profile of the client. Once the visit is over, the sale can be completed or an offer sent in the form of a sales capsule.

Visita y engagement
Análisis del proceso de venta
Analysis of the sales process

Data and metrics for improvement

Metrics will be generated throughout the entire process to allow continuous learning and, therefore, better commercial productivity.
The company will have full access to the results of the sales processes in real time, which can be integrated into the company’s management systems. This way, while the Marketing team can continuously update the contents, the management will have all the tools to take the best decisions.

Mobile Sales adapts to your needs

Mobile Sales grows with your company. Start with a basic account and migrate your current workflow to our platform. You will see there is no downside. And once you feel comfortable and want to add more users or new profiles, you can migrate to a higher account.

And of course, Nousmedis will guide you at all times, so the migration process is quick and efficient.