Catalog Cloud

Your catalog is just three steps away

Catalog Cloud is the tool that allows you to generate catalogs in PDF or InDesign format quickly, easily and error-free.

It is based on an intuitive and flexible platform for pagination in templates, allowing you to efficiently and quickly create catalogs with customized design without the need to be a layout expert.

Catalog Cloud leaves the content of your catalog in the hands of your marketing team and gives your designers or agency free reign to create the most attractive designs.

Catalog Cloud gives you full control of the layout in just three steps.

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Connect your data

A single data source

To manage your product data efficiently and centrally, it must be correctly stored in a single data source in the cloud. However, most of the time, companies are working with portions of product information spread across different types of files.

The solution that unifies multiple data sources into a single one is Sales Layer, a PIM (Product Information Manager) that resides in the cloud and will allow you to import, unify and access your most up-to-date product information.

Select data and customize

Once the product information is loaded, Sales Layer allows you to export your data in a customized way for each of your catalogs. In addition, you can filter your products according to categories, tags, etc. Thanks to these functions you will be able to produce customized catalogs, obtaining only the information you want for each catalog.

Export your data with a customized connector

A proprietary connector created specifically for the tool will allow you to quickly import products – and their data – from Sales Layer to Catalog Cloud. Your data will always be updated in real time: you can synchronize with the information stored in Sales Layer whenever you need it.

Have fun creating your catalog

It’s time for you to start designing your catalog without fear of making mistakes and without the need for advanced design skills.

A friendly and easy-to-use tool

The user interface has been specifically developed with an intuitive design that will allow you to create your catalog visually, quickly and easily, in a matter of minutes.

To “publish” a product, drag it from the product library to the desired position on the page; you will see a record of the number of products that have already been placed, as well as those yet to be placed.

Customized catalogs, when you need them

You can create as many catalogs as you want, as often as you need. You can also give a special touch to each one of them by adding corporate information, publication data, claims in the footers, etc.

Versatile design

We adapt your design to our platform so you can maintain your corporate image without problems.

Use customized templates according to the designs of your agency or creative team. Each page can have a different template applied and there are no limits on the number of pages or the variety of templates.

Edit the look and feel of your product on the page.

Should you need to modify any data, you can do so easily and locally, without affecting the rest of your Sales Layer output channels. But, whenever you want – we know that there are always last minute changes – you can go back to the original data.

Also, you can choose how you want the final appearance of your products to be displayed in the catalog: normal, offer, promotion… Catalog Cloud adapts to your needs and ideas.

Share it with the world

Your work is done and now you want to share it with the world. To do so, you have two solutions: Catalog Cloud Desktop and Catalog Cloud Server each offer a different output format, depending on the characteristics of both your company and your catalog.

Catalog Cloud Desktop

Have complete control over the layout

Catalog Cloud Desktop is ideal for companies that have their own design team or agencies that work for large brands, as it allows you to export a fully editable InDesign file in which you can make final adjustments and creative touches before exporting the final file for print or web.

Catalog Cloud Server

Export quickly and without intermediaries

If your company does not have a design department and you need to create simple catalogs that do not require any manual design intervention, then Catalog Cloud Server is the tool you need for your publications. Export your print-ready catalog directly and quickly and easily from the Catalog Cloud interface.