Pricing and options for all types of customers

EasyCatalog users enjoy an immediate return on investment. Pages that previously required hours of layout time can now be composed in seconds. Copying errors are drastically reduced, saving time, money and resources spent on designing your catalogs. Your data will finally be 100% accurate, as it will come directly from a database or spreadsheet, with no need for interpretation by the design team. And when last-minute changes need to be made, they will be made automatically. Fast. Efficient. Error-free.

You can purchase additional modules at any time to add extra functionality, so you only invest in the technology you need and use.

Easy Catalog

Core Module


The acclaimed plug-in for InDesign that enables the automatic generation of catalogs, brochures or price lists from data in a text document, spreadsheet, database or XML document.

Easy Catalog Lite

EasyCatalog reduced version


Based on the same engine as EasyCatalog, this version is designed for users who only need linking and updating functionality, such as price lists or reference catalogs.

Optional modules pricing

Pagination Module


Allows for fully automated layout of thousands of records. Supports the use of rules that determine how to layout each type of product based on a set of conditions that you can easily define.

Enterprise Module


Connect EasyCatalog to a cloud database, such as Woodwing Enterprise, or to a Product Information Manager, such as Sales Layer. The connection established is bidirectional, so changes made to the InDesign document can also be updated in the database.

ODBC Module


Establish a connection to any ODBC-compliant database, such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Access or Filemaker. Requires the use of ODBC drivers for your database, which may incur additional charges.

Relational Module


Combine data from multiple sources and establish hierarchical relationships between them in a single panel from within InDesign.

XML Module


Import information directly from an XML document. Not available for InDesign CS2.

Scripting Module


Get the most out of EasyCatalog with JavaScript, AppleScript or Visual Basic, and automate entire processes, such as template opening, document pagination, etc. to create completely unsupervised complex tasks.

How to purchase EasyCatalog?

EasyCatalog is distributed exclusively electronically, by downloading the modules you have purchased. We will send you to your contact email the serial numbers necessary to activate the software.

When you purchase EasyCatalog through Nousmedis, you get a copy of the software and support in English, and we also include remote start-up of the modules you have purchased. If your automation solution is complex, or you want to delegate its development in expert hands, we can quote a turnkey solution that we will install in your computers and that will include the necessary training for the correct use of it in productive environments.

Please contact us through our contact form. We will send you a quote shortly, which will include the price of the modules purchased and a customized proposal for the implementation of EasyCatalog in your facilities.

Dowload EasyCatalog trial version

Complete this form and you will immediately receive a direct download link to our powerful plugin for InDesign. Remember: you have 30 days to try it, with 100% of the features activated! Also, if you agree to receive communications from Nousmedis, we will send you an email with news and future updates. Start creating amazing catalogs immediately!

Not receiving the download email? The most common reasons for not receiving confirmation emails are: your inbox is full or you have some sort of overzealous spam filtering software. Make sure you have enough space available in your inbox and check that the confirmation email has not been intercepted by your spam filtering software. If you experience any difficulties during the download process, write to us using our contact form.

Your EasyCatalog, always up to date


Your EasyCatalog license will be valid for the current version of InDesign. If you upgrade InDesign to a newer version, you will need to purchase an upgrade license. There are two upgrade options: single version upgrade (e.g. from InDesign CC2020 to InDesign CC2021) or multi-version upgrade (e.g. from InDesign CS6 to InDesign CC2021).

Updating a version

  • CC2020 > CC2021
  • CC > CC2014
  • CS6 > CC
  • CS5/CS5.5 > 6
  • CS4 > CS5/CS5.5
  • CS3 > CS4
  • CS2 > CS3

Updating multiple versions

  • CC > CC2021
  • CS5/CS5.5 > CC
  • CS4 > CS6
  • CS6 > CC
  • CS3 > CS6
  • CS3 > CS5/CS5.5
  • CS3 > CS6

The following table shows the update price for one version or for several versions:

Module to another version of CC from CS to CC
EasyCatalog $250 $680
Pagination $120 $319
Relational $100 $270
Scripting $100 $270
XML provider $100 $270
ODBC provider $49 $99
EasyCatalog Lite $89 $169
Convenient and secure update

Maintenance agreement

As you know, since the launch of Adobe Creative Cloud, InDesign is updated approximately once a year. Each time there is a version change (e.g. from version CC2020 to version CC2021) it is necessary to rewrite the modules to ensure compatibility with the new program features. When you purchase an EasyCatalog license, it will be valid for the current version of InDesign, so if Adobe releases a major update of InDesign and it has been more than three months since you purchased your EasyCatalog license, you will need to purchase an update to work with the new version of the program.
To make it more convenient for you to keep your license up to date, we offer you a maintenance contract. So, for an additional 15% of the purchase price, to be paid annually, you will be entitled to ALL EasyCatalog updates that we release annually.
The maintenance contract will only be valid until 30 days after the purchase of EasyCatalog.

What if I purchased EasyCatalog more than 30 days ago and I want to purchase a maintenance license?

If you want to purchase a maintenance contract and it has been more than 30 days since you purchased your EasyCatalog license, we can offer a “retroactive” maintenance contract. In other words, if you purchased your EasyCatalog license in January 2019 and you want to purchase the maintenance license in January 2021, you will have to pay the maintenance for the period 2019-2020, the maintenance for the period 2020-2021 and the maintenance for the current year, i.e. from 2021 to 2022. Thereafter, every January your maintenance contract will be renewed for a period of another 12 months.