Conoce al equipo de Nousmedis: Elena Miguel | Meet the team: Elena Miguel

Meet the team: Elena Miguel

It was 1997 – in a whirlwind 30 years – when Elena Miguel joined as Project Manager to the team of Grupo Intercom one of the first and most important Spanish .coms, pioneer in many aspects…
Tips automatización diseño Nousmedis

Are your catalogs automatable?

At Nousmedis, we specialize in automating all kinds of publications (thanks to the EasyCatalog plugin for Adobe InDesign). We are also experts in detecting if your catalogs can be automated. Throughout our more than 20 years…
El futuro de los catálogos impresos

Insights on the future of printed catalogs

Several factors are shaping the future of printed catalogs, including technological advances, environmental concerns and changes in consumer behavior. Nousmedis, a company specialized in automated catalog production, we would like to share some considerations and also…