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Services and features

Multi Pimwave

The centralized platform to manage multiple stores, brands or countries.

Multi Language

Translation of product, category and attribute texts into more than 150 languages. Checks spelling mistakes for each language directly from the platform, with built-in spell checker. Allows access to external translators.

Multi currency

Manage multiple currencies in Pimwave and assign them to different output channels: e-commerce, marketplace, etc. This way each channel can have its own specific currencies.

Multi work-flow

Efficiently manage product life-cycles and create customized work-flows by department, by category or by product type.


Centralize products from multiple country stores or multiple brands through a single platform. Assign different languages, currencies and outbound channels by country or brand.

Digital Asset Engine.

The management of your products’ digital assets.

Digital Asset Engine is a component of Pimwave that helps you efficiently manage, organize and associate images, documents and videos related to your product. Pimwave provides you with a central digital asset storage platform from which you can feed any output channel: ecommerce, B2B, marketaplaces, catalogs, etc.

Automatic identification

Link hundreds of images with your products and variants quickly and automatically. Use the power of Digital Asset Engine to associate images, documents and videos to products, variants, categories, countries, brands and output channels. Your digital assets will always be organized and accessible through customized search criteria.

Categorization and meta-data

Improve the SEO of your ecommerce, digital catalog, B2B, corporate website, etc, with Pimwave. Extend the information of your digital resources with titles, descriptions, tags, categories, etc. Translate meta-data to all the languages you need.

Optimization and versioning

Upload an image and let Digital Asset Engine take care of everything. Automatic generation of different versions of the same image by varying height, width and/or file size. Web optimization of JPG, PNG, SVG and GIF files using special compression tools.

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