The team behind Nousmedis

We are multimedia creatives, graphic designers, illustrators, layout designers and programmers with more than 20 years of experience in the consulting, development, support, design and training sectors.

Nousmedis is made up of a team of multidisciplinary and highly qualified professionals, who offer their services to individuals and companies. Catalog automation and optimization of editorial production processes are our strong point. To achieve this, we work with the best tools in the industry: EasyCatalog, to create and update catalogs and price lists, CatalogCloud, to optimize the layout process of commercial catalogs and Sales Layer, a PIM to store and manage all the product information of your company and distribute it among the different sales channels.

Past, present and future

Our history


Just a year before the beginning of the new millennium, and at the gates of the so-called “dot-com crash”, we decided to embark on a new adventure: combining our experience in the publishing industry, multimedia and Web application programming, and workflow optimization through the use of scripts and XML, we founded a company dedicated to automating repetitive tasks in the publishing industry. To do so, we adopted version 1.0 of InDesign, destined to replace the hegemonic dominance of QuarkXPress, and started working on the typographic and scripting options offered by Adobe’s new application. Incidentally, we started our journey with a name that at that time sounded much more “fashionable”, namely New Media with its corresponding vintage design.

Get to know us

Our team

This is our team of experts who are constantly evolving and training, providing our clients with the most advanced and innovative projects in a highly connected digital world.

Javier Gomez Lainez Nousmedis

Francisco Javier Gómez Laínez

Founder & CEO

Expert in information digitization and editorial automation.

Elena Miguel Aliaga

Elena Miguel Aliaga

Projects Manager

Project and customer management

Josep Ramia Nousmedis

Josep Ràmia i Blasco

BDM for International Expansion

Business Development Manager for international expansion and account management.

Ana Sanchez Nousmedis

Ana Sánchez

Consulting and Development

Specialist in digital editorial design, video postproduction and illustration.

Virginia Zapico Nousmedis

Virginia Zapico

Art director

Graphic Designer specialized in editorial projects, creation and edition of digital books.

Aris Tabares Nousmedis

Aris Tabares

Design and Programming

Graphic Designer specialized in CMS systems management.

Pilar Baigual Nousmedis

Pilar Baigual

Design and Programming

Editorial layout and programming specialist

Ana Lambea

Ana Lambea


Mobile App development specialist

Andrés Carta

Andrés Carta

Design and Programming

Development and programming specialist

Àlex Estrada Nousmedis

Àlex Estrada

Web Development

Web App design and programming

Frances Machado Nousmedis

Francesc Machado

Technical Director

Data Analyst and Technical Project Management Specialist

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