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We are multimedia creatives, graphic designers, illustrators, layout designers and programmers with more than 20 years of experience in the consulting, development, support, design and training sectors.

Nousmedis is made up of a team of multidisciplinary and highly qualified professionals, who offer their services to individuals and companies. Catalog automation and optimization of editorial production processes are our strong point. To achieve this, we work with the best tools in the industry: EasyCatalogto create and update catalogs and price lists, CatalogCloud, to optimize the layout process of commercial catalogs and Sales Layer, a PIM (Product Information Management) system to store and manage all the product information of your company and distribute it among different sales channels.

Past, present and future

Our story


Just a year before the beginning of the new millennium, and at the gates of the so-called “dot-com crash”, we decided to embark on a new adventure: combining our experience in the publishing industry, multimedia and Web application programming, and workflow optimization through the use of scripts and XML, we founded a company dedicated to automating repetitive tasks in the publishing industry. To do so, we adopted version 1.0 of InDesign, destined to replace the hegemonic dominance of QuarkXPress, and started working on the typographic and scripting options offered by Adobe’s new application. Incidentally, we started our journey with a name that at that time sounded much more “fashionable”, namely New Media with its corresponding vintage design.

Balclis, with them it all began…

InDesign’s Data Merge panel allows us to create catalogs with regular structure from an Excel document or a CSV. But let’s go even further. By combining the “Structure” panel, an XML document and a few scripts, we can go even further. Balclis, one of the most important auction rooms in Spain, and the most important in Barcelona, became our first “guinea pig”. After a year, the elaboration process of their catalogs goes from 2 months to 2 weeks. We had to change everything: the export in XML format from their ERP, the way in which the photographs were taken and retouched, the coordination with the specialists of each department to establish description templates, the number of lots to be auctioned, the way to establish the order of the Auction, and so on.

The year of certifications

At the time, Adobe was already on the second version of its Creative Suite applications. However, mastering an application is no longer enough, you have to prove it! So this year it’s our turn to dig our heels in and get the corresponding certifications: Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Instructor. To do this, in addition to the accumulated experience, it is necessary to memorize each of the user manuals in English, and take a 40-question exam without access to the program! Since then, we have renewed them every year to keep up to date, because wisdom knows no bounds.

The iPad changes everything (again…)

Printing a book or a catalog is no longer enough, nor is it enough to make a responsive Web version – now you have to make the iPad version as well. The first viable solution to appear was called Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS among friends), so it’s time to create yet another output format. Luckily, automation allows us to add yet another additional format without significant cost impact. And of course, we added another Adobe certification to our collection… The point is not to stop.

InDesign guides for Anaya Multimedia

The CS3 version of InDesign has become the de facto standard for layout of all types of content. And since a large part of our work consists of training our clients, what better than to offer a manual written by ourselves. Thanks to Eugenio Tuya, Anaya’s editor, we started a prosperous collaboration that has led us to publish 5 InDesign books. Quite a record!

EasyCatalog Official Partner for Spain and Latin America

Catalog automation is an increasingly complex and sophisticated job. Using data from a spreadsheet to create a more or less complex table is no longer enough; the data must be kept synchronized throughout the production process with whatever the source of the data: a database, an XML document or a CSV file. EasyCatalog is the perfect tool to automate any type of catalog or price list, no matter how complex. In addition to translating the software and documentation into Spanish, we are implementers, distributors and trainers of this powerful plug-in for Adobe InDesign.

Sales Layer, your cloud-based catalog

The exponential increase in online sales makes it essential to have a tool that manages the quality of a company’s product catalog and its homogeneity across all distribution channels. This new type of tool is known as PIM (Product Information Management), and Sales Layer is one of the most versatile, powerful and easy to use in the market. In 2015 we developed an exclusive module that allows you to directly import Sales Layer data into EasyCatalog, so now it is also possible to keep your product information synchronized in paper format. The solution for squaring the circle, so to speak.

Nousmedis, a CeGe Lab company.

Nousmedis and CeGe have decided to join forces in CeGe LAB, an exclusive space dedicated to R&D. The purpose is to expand the technological infrastructure to offer broader services, ranging from catalog automation and data centralization and optimization, which allow marketing and communication teams to reduce costs and time, to support in graphic production and printing, packaging, creation, publication and content management, retail and POS services, marketing supply chain & fulfillment, as well as direct marketing and crossmedia actions.

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Our team

This is our team of experts who are constantly evolving and training, providing our clients with the most advanced and innovative projects in a highly connected digital world.

Javier Gomez Lainez Nousmedis

Francisco Javier Gómez Laínez

Founder & CEO
Elena Miguel Aliaga

Elena Miguel Aliaga

Projects Management
Fran Guitiérrez

Francisco Gutiérrez

CIO & Operation Management
Pilar Baigual Nousmedis

Pilar Baigual

Data Analysis and Programming
Andrés Carta

Andrés Carta

Ana Sanchez Nousmedis

Ana Sánchez

Data Analysis and Programming
Aris Tabares Nousmedis

Aris Tabares

Data Analysis and Programming

Virginia Zapico

Data Analysis and Graphic Design

Jan Aubert

Data Analysis and Programming

Clàudia Caballero i Coll

Data Analysis and Programming

Tomás Muniesa


Cristóbal Peset


Jesús Sans González

Data Analysis and Programming

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