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Manual imprescindible InDesign 2022

A new edition of the InDesign Essential Guide is now available (July 2022), this time for the 2022 version. The main addition to this edition (and, in fact, to the entire Essential Guides collection from Anaya Multimedia), is that the book is printed in color. Many of the sections where an image was worth a thousand words will finally make sense!

New and revised content

As well as being printed in color, a digital version of the book is now available for the first time. This edition includes an extensive list of new additions (extract from pages 18 and 19):

  • Creative Cloud Libraries. Share creative elements between InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. You will also be able to access it from Adobe mobile applications.
  • Improved performance and stability of the application thanks to an optimized version to run natively on Mac computers equipped with the new Apple Silicon processor (according to Adobe, up to 59% increase in performance compared to Intel versions).
  • Online collaborative edition. The designer can select specific articles from a document for an editor to make changes through an online platform, without the need to install any additional software.
  • Adaptive user interface. It is now possible to adjust the size of the icons and panels to work on large, high-resolution screens more comfortably.
  • The “Start” window offers direct access to recently opened documents, tutorials, and a browser to search for help forums, documents, and other useful resources.
  • The support for Flash animations has been dropped (about time!).
  • The old Adobe DPS format has been replaced by the Publish Online function. This generates a version in HTML 5 with interactive features and is accessible from Web browsers on mobile platforms, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • InDesign now supports Variable Fonts, a new OpenType font format that supports custom attributes, such as weight, width, inclination, optical size, etc.
  • It provides an option to control the space between paragraphs in the same style.
  • Compatibility with SVG, SVGZ and SMIL graphic formats, all of which are considered standard in Web publishing.
  • Column rules: vertical rules that can be inserted into the space between columns.
  • Improved data combination: it is now possible to select content positioning options in graphic frames, with an added support for texts delimited by a full stop or comma.
  • Share for review. Publish a copy of the current document on Adobe servers for other users to directly make suggestions and annotations to be shown on the Review panel.
  • The Wrap Around Object Shape option uses artificial intelligence to detect objects and people within an image border, and automatically draws the contour for the text to wrap around.
  • New search by color option.
  • HSB (Hue, Saturation and Brightness) color mode is supported when defining color samples.
  • Name change for master pages, which from now on will be known as parent pages.
  • The Extract Image command uses artificial intelligence to extract a color theme, shape or font (if the image contains text) from an image.
  • The new Properties panel shows the most contextually relevant options and, in part, is the first proposed replacement for the Control panel. It is an easy way to get introduced to the program. Designed for novices, it also allows you to maximize the vertical work structure.

Find out more here.

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