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June 4, 2024
10:00 AM (UTC-5) (16:00 PM GMT+2)
Nousmedis Webinar June 2024

Join Nousmedis and Sales Layer for a transformative webinar that will revolutionize the way you manage product information. Dive into the world of EasyCatalog and Sales Layer, the premier Product Information Manager platform renowned for its power and ease of use. This session is your gateway to mastering our innovative tools that will streamline the production of your product catalogs, brochures, price lists, and data sheets.

In this engaging webinar led by our expert, Elena Miguel, we will explore:

  • The Hidden Costs of Traditional Catalog Design: Uncover the true costs lurking behind conventional catalog workflows, including the laborious manual entry of product data. Learn how these hidden expenses impact your results.
  • The Power of a Single Source of Truth: Discover the strategic advantage of maintaining your data accurately, consistently, and error-free. We’ll show you how a unified data source can transform your business operations.
  • Effective Implementation of a Data Model with Sales Layer: Tailor your data management with Sales Layer to suit your unique needs. Customize how you input and output data to ensure consistency across all channels, aligning seamlessly with your corporate identity.
  • Five Steps to Catalog Automation: Experience a live demonstration of our straightforward five-step process to automate your catalog production.

Join us for free and don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your productivity, reduce catalog production time, and focus your efforts on what truly matters—growing your business. This webinar is essential for anyone looking to make significant operational improvements with impactful results. 

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