Meet the team: Virginia Zapico

A long-awaited moment has arrived for all of us. Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Virginia Zapico our talented Graphic Designer at Nousmedis. In 2015, this intrepid Argentinian arrived in Barcelona on her bicycle,…
Meet the team: Clàudia Caballero

Meet the team: Clàudia Caballero

カタログ自動化女王私はなる! (Katarogu jidouka ojou watashi wa naru!) Today, in our “Meet the Team” section of the Blog, we are pleased to introduce you to Clàudia Caballero, programmer and data analyst of our team or, better said,…
Erik Mayoral

Meet the team: Erik Mayoral

Erik Mayoral is making good progress 🙂 This is what the tagline of his Linkedin profile states and we attest to this since he has recently joined the Nousmedis team as Data Analyst & Programmer. Young,…
Conoce al equipo: Javier Gómez

Meet the team: Javier Gómez

Back in 1994, after a year working as a veterinarian, Javier Gómez decided to put aside the stethoscope to immerse himself in what had started as a hobby, and soon became his passion: graphic design and…
Manual imprescindible InDesign 2022

Our must-have InDesign manuals

With more than 20 years in the market, Adobe InDesign -the digital page layout application developed by Adobe Systems and aimed especially at professional graphic designers – has become the de facto standard in the world…