Meet the team: Erik Mayoral

Erik Mayoral

Erik Mayoral is making good progress 🙂

This is what the tagline of his Linkedin profile states and we attest to this since he has recently joined the Nousmedis team as Data Analyst & Programmer.

Young, enthusiastic and eager to learn and progress, after years of combining work and studies, he graduated in Engineering, Technology and Textile Design at the ESEIAAT and specializing in Programming and Graphic Design. Our paths have happily met to allow us to benefit from his professionalism and skills in the technical management of our projects catalog automation.

Do you have a morning routine or habit that prepares you for the workday?

Setting the alarm for 5 minutes is always a good way to start the day 😛

What is your role at Nousmedis?

Currently I have completed my training as a programmer and data analyst, I am the technical responsible for several projects and I am in charge that the result of the data analysis and automation programming successfully meets the requirements and expectations of the customer.

What are the 3 professional skills or qualities that you think are most valued at Nousmedis?

Attention to detail, people skills (establishing an excellent relationship of trust with customers), and ability to learn and adapt.

What is your secret superpower at work?

Secrets are best kept!

What is one of the projects you have enjoyed the most in the company and why?

The automation of the Viveros Sanfélix catalog. I am very fond of it and I have enjoyed it very much because it has been the first project in which I have had total autonomy and the responsibility to make all the technical decisions from beginning to end. And also their catalog is full of flowers and plants 🌻 Good motivations whichever way you look at it.

Which catalog would you like to automate?

Any that I may encounter in my daily life.

Do you think that the days of printed publications are numbered?

People also thought that the days of vinyl were numbered and now look!

What do you envision the future of catalog automation to be like?

Nowadays it is quite difficult to predict the future of things and, especially, of everything that has some relation to the world of technology. I only hope that, whatever the future holds, we will be able to adapt to it.

Can you share a recent accomplishment, either personal or professional, of which you are particularly proud?

To make the decision to turn my life around and start from scratch in several areas. I left my previous job, moved to a new city, changed my lifestyle and started training in a completely new sector for me. That has brought me to the place and time where I am now, discovering how I can help companies by automating their catalog production processes.

Tell us a funny anecdote you have experienced at Nousmedis or a favorite moment.

Fridays are my favorite time. In addition to being the day when we all meet at the office, we are getting used to bringing something sweet to liven up the day.

If you could swap roles with anyone on the team for a day, who would you choose and why?

One of my colleagues is doing a project with a large supermarket where I am a regular customer. I admit that I would like to be the one working on this project, at least for a day, hehehehe….

When you are not working, we can find you…

Although I’m not a big fan of working out, I do find it quite relaxing to spend the day walking. I also confess that I love to check out offers in supermarkets. I am the king of discount coupons. I look like my grandfather!

I love photography and I have a lot of fun playing board games with friends.

Recommend a book, podcast, series or movie you’ve been obsessed with lately.

What I listen to most is ‘La Pija y la Quinqui‘ podcast. It is presented by Carlos Peguer and Mariang Maturana. They chat with famous figures and I like that they do it in a very natural and casual way, asking more daring questions that go beyond the typical questions you see in all interviews with celebrities, especially when they are on promotion.

Besides, I like each of them to have a little bit of posh and a little bit of petty thief, and that they ask their guests to what they relate to more.

What is the best advice you have ever been given and who gave it to you?

It was my mother: You can’t expect everyone to like you.

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