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Nousmedis Webinar June 2024

On June 4th at 10:00 AM (UTC-5) | (16:00 PM GMT+2), Nousmedis and Sales Layer will host a transformative webinar that will revolutionize the way you manage product information. Together, we’ll explore the world of EasyCatalog and Sales Layer, the premier Product Information Manager (PIM) platform renowned for its power and ease of use. In this free session –that will last no longer than an hour– we’ll show you how these innovative tools can streamline the production of your product catalogs, brochures, price lists, and data sheets.

Our partnership with Sales Layer has been strong and enduring: we’ve been Solution Partners since 2015. Although we’re capable of automating catalogs from various database systems or XML/Excel/CSV documents, Sales Layer stands out as our preferred choice. It empowers sales, marketing, communication, and design teams within companies to maintain constant oversight of the data included in their catalogs or exported to their websites and e-commerce platforms, as well as the manner in which it’s handled.

It provides the ability to determine which products are released, the format in which they’re delivered to the end customer, the accompanying communicative texts for technical information, and the icons and graphics describing the product. And, naturally, translating all this content into the various languages or markets where your company operates.

Typically, companies handling product information encounter one of these situations in data management. On occasion, they rely on one (or multiple) Excel documents that have been continuously updated and are shared among their teams, design agencies, and web providers. Alternatively, they may utilize an internal platform housing all product-related information across departments, spanning from marketing to point of sale. However, making modifications can be cumbersome due to the need for permissions from various teams within the company.

Does it sound familiar? Sales Layer is designed to address the challenges faced by sales, design, and marketing teams in the aforementioned scenarios. This user-friendly platform not only facilitates product data management but also enables the creation of fields, output connectors, and information structures without requiring assistance from a technical department. With Sales Layer, there’s no need to worry about missing or outdated information in your internal database. Even as sales and marketing teams work within Sales Layer, it seamlessly integrates new information uploaded by other teams within the company, ensuring the most current product data is always available. As a result, you can confidently publish the latest product information on your website, e-commerce platform, or catalog in the desired format for the end customer.

At Nousmedis we specialize in automating editorial production processes and although, as we said before, we can do it from any database system, we like Sales Layer so much for its flexibility in shaping and exporting data and for its user-friendliness to create and store this information and use and enrich it year after year, giving our clients (those marketing and design teams we’ve been talking about so much) absolute control over that information.

Having sad all that, are you ready to take your catalog production to the next level? How does this control over data also improve your catalog productions processes? Let’s keep talking about all these interesting matters in our next webinar to empower your catalogs.

Join Nousmedis and Sales Layer for an unmissable webinar that will transform your managing of product information

We will explore:

  • The Hidden Costs of Traditional Catalog Design: Uncover the true costs lurking behind conventional catalog workflows, including the laborious manual entry of product data. Learn how these hidden expenses impact your results.
  • The Power of a Single Source of Truth: Discover the strategic advantage of maintaining your data accurately, consistently, and error-free. We’ll show you how a unified data source can transform your business operations.
  • Effective Implementation of a Data Model with Sales Layer: Tailor your data management with Sales Layer to suit your unique needs. Customize how you input and output data to ensure consistency across all channels, aligning seamlessly with your corporate identity.
  • Five Steps to Catalog Automation: Experience a live demonstration of our straightforward five-step process to automate your catalog production.

If you missed it, don’t worry. Here is the complete webinar recording:

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