Why is it important to automate catalogs and publications?

Beneficios Automatización

There are many reasons to automate catalogs and publications such as magazines, brochures, product sheets and price lists, but the most important for our customers are the time and cost savings in the production process.

Javier Gómez, Founder & CEO

Currently, the production process of catalogs, brochures, price lists or the publishing of content in digital format, such as books, guides, magazines or manuals, consumes a large amount of resources and time that can be greatly optimized. The staging of content, products and services for distribution and sale takes place in a rapidly changing ecosystem where automating catalogs and publications is a strategic and adaptive step.

Catalogs must be produced in several languages, formats are diverse, the publishing world is a hybrid between digital and printing. Mobile applications and e-commerce stores have encouraged the opening of new markets.

The optimization of the editorial production process and the management of resources and time makes it necessary to focus on improving content management. Increasing efficiency in the publishing process is imperative. Reducing the time required to achieve product release must be much more agile, faster and consistent.

Ultimately, it is the implementation of automation and data management technologies that allows to increase the efficiency of the publishing process and optimize workflows.

Let’s now look specifically at the reasons why it makes sense to automate catalogs, magazines, brochures, product sheets and price lists: what are the tangible and verifiable benefits of automating catalogs with Nousmedis. Benefits of Automating Catalogs and Publications

Reduction of the time required to bring a product to market

The automation with EasyCatalog of catalogs, magazines, brochures and publications reduces the time gap between the content creator and the editorial production to the minimum necessary. Workflow is optimized, and the time frame between user and customer is immediately reduced by eliminating cumbersome and inefficient information management processes. This brings tangible benefits, as it frees the teams to tackle necessary objectives for their products, instead of being dedicated to tasks that are the result of inefficient management in editorial production.

Multiple output media from the same original document

Empowerment of users is encouraged to create and automatically generate various outputs; be it a printed paper book, documents in .pdf format, ePub, interactive .pdf documents, and/or applications such as Mobile Sales of Catalog Player for smartphone or tablet automatically. Manual transposition of the content and its subsequent re-adaptation to the different output formats is no longer necessary.


Smooth and natural coordination and integration of sales, management, communication and marketing channels by centralizing product information. Centralization and integration is straightforward in an enriched control and validation process.

Optimization of workstations

Eliminating unnecessary time and resources allows you to focus your work efforts on improving quality. Resources can be allocated more efficiently. The design department can spend more time improving the aesthetics of their catalogs rather than checking the technical data of a product. Optimizing, to cite another example, also eliminates unnecessary validations by the project manager.

Marketing departments can drive added value to their companies’ brands or products

Marketing departments can focus on activities that are purely useful to their customers, rather than on cumbersome tasks that do not add value.

Consistent editorial production

It is possible to adapt the same content, stored in a central repository, to a central repository. The same content, stored in a central repository, can be adapted to multiple output formats, enabling optimal allocation to each channel while preserving consistency, stability and robustness among the various media.

One click publish

Automating publications and catalogs makes it possible to obtain final, updated and referenced, print-ready documents in multiple languages and formats at the click of a button.

Content is paramount

Regardless of the origin of the data, automation allows exclusive dedication to the configuration, allocation and relevance of each output medium, enhancing the content in an optimal and case-specific manner.

Cost reduction

Automating catalogs and publications drastically decreases management and production times and translates into immediate savings (in some cases up to 80%) by eliminating unnecessary overhead.

In conclusion, the automation of catalogs, magazines, brochures, product sheets and price lists is essential in the current scenario to optimize resources and time in the production process. Javier Gómez, Founder & CEO of Nousmedis, highlights the importance of adapting to an ecosystem in constant transformation, where the implementation of automation and data management technologies is presented as a strategic and adaptive step.

The tangible benefits of automation are remarkable. The time required to bring a product to market is significantly reduced, optimizing workflows and freeing teams from inefficient tasks. The ability to generate multiple output media from the same original document, omnichannel and workstation optimization are other key aspects. Centralization and integration of product information allows for seamless coordination of channels, while consistency in editorial production is achieved by adapting the same content to different output formats.

Automation not only improves efficiency, but also significantly reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary overhead. Ultimately, the focus on content and the ability to obtain up-to-date final documents at the click of a button reinforce the strategic importance of automation in today’s business landscape.

Contact us and we’ll talk about how we can help you, and we’ll show you how automating your catalog will allow you to start enjoying all these benefits.

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