Meet the team: Itziar De Frutos

Itziar De Frutos

Earlier this year, the Nousmedis team welcomed Itziar De Frutos, our new and talented Marketing Assistant. We all affectionately call her “Itzi”, she is of Catalan-Basque-Segovian origin, if such a thing exists 🙂 and, in a short time, she has become a key player in our expansion project to the United States.

After studying for and about the world and living in his beloved Japan for a period of time, she discovered that she was passionate about investigating new environments and trying to understand them through the eyes of other cultures. That is why – she confesses – she is excited to be able to contribute her experience and knowledge to write the new chapter in the history of Nousmedis with the opening of our offices in Miami.

Do you have a morning routine or habit that prepares you for the workday?

The best way to start the day is to catch up on the news, while filling my stomach with my toast with ham and my cafecito. Although, if I have time, I’ll go out for a morning run near the sea.

What is your role at Nousmedis?

I am dedicated to do market analysis in order to facilitate the next internationalization process in the USA.

What are the 3 professional skills or qualities that you think are most valued at Nousmedis?

The desire to learn, perseverance and attention to detail.

What is your secret superpower at work?

I am quite stubborn and I try hard to reach the best result.

What is one of the projects you have enjoyed the most in the company and why?

So far, let’s say I have been in a continuous project that has been divided into phases. I think the part I’ve enjoyed the most is developing campaigns and devising strategies to get people to know about us and our great service, hehe.

Which catalog would you like to automate?

That of a Japanese company or publisher: Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Kadokawa and Shogakukan.

Do you think that the days of printed publications are numbered?

It’s something different but, in the end, as with books or manga (which, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m passionate about), the digital visualization of text or images makes you lose part of the experience. That’s from a more sensory perspective. On the other hand, a catalog is a tool that I believe is essential to sell in store and show in a personalized way to the customer.

What do you envision the future of catalog automation to be like?

Well, I think it will become a necessity for companies, increasingly in need of time and cost savings.

Can you share a recent accomplishment, either personal or professional, of which you are particularly proud?

Having learned to combine, in my day to day life, responsibilities and hobbies that make me happy.

Tell us a funny anecdote you have experienced at Nousmedis or a favorite moment.

It wasn’t fun at first, it was only my second day here, so I was pretty embarrassed.

The doorknob on the entrance door to the office is quite hard, you have to push it hard to get the door to open. However, since the day before had been my first day and I was greeted with an open door, I assumed that since I was unable to open it after a couple of futile attempts, it was locked.

Thinking of solutions and looking around for inspiration on how to open a door, the first thing I noticed was a white panel of little buttons on the right hand side and thought “Oh, right. The door must go with a code”. Proud of my cunning, and anxious not to be late because of a door and that no one would see me blocked like a Sim, I pressed the buttons that appeared on the sign without reading: “Instructions to activate the alarm”.

And immediately I heard “Qui c*ll*ns és el graciós que ha activat la punyetera alarma?” (Who the f*c* is the funny guy who activated the f*c*ing alarm?).

If you could swap roles with anyone on the team for a day, who would you choose and why?

Javier, our CEO. I think I would like to know what the responsibilities of the “boss” are to see if it is something I want to aspire to or not.

When you are not working, we can find you…

Running around, in class or in a bar with friends, but, basically, you have to look for me on the streets.

Recommend a book, podcast, series or movie you’ve been obsessed with lately.

I’ll go ahead and recommend one of each!

A book: ‘La novia Gitana’ by Carmen Mola. A series: ‘A Sign of Affection‘. A podcast that half the world already listens to: ‘Crims‘ by Carles Porta. And I cant’ choose only one movie, I have to recommend at least two: ‘All of us Strangers‘ and ‘Sweet Bean‘:

What is the best advice you have ever been given and who gave it to you?

“Better black once than purple all your life”. My mother dixit.

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