Nousmedis sets foot in Miami!

Catalog automation in the USA

This beginning of the year not only brings with it ambitious promises of improvement and lists of good intentions. It also marks a real and exciting milestone in the history of Nousmedis. With great enthusiasm and expectations, we announce the opening of our new commercial office on the second floor of 350 Lincoln Road. From the vibrant heart of Miami, we expand to offer our wide experience in catalog automation in the USA.

Our news sales office is a professional and technologically advanced space. Located in the renowned and beautiful Lincoln Building, in Art Deco style, a few minutes from the beach and the Botanical Garden, and very close to Lincoln Road Mall, one of the main shopping and dining destinations in the Magic City.

This strategic step is the result of our commitment to growth and excellence. We take it confidently, convinced of the opportunity it represents and the successes we are going to achieve. Opening the door of this new commercial office on the East Coast of the United States is what opens the way for us to achieve 4 objectives:

1. Proximity and closeness in customer service: automated catalogs at yoour door

With the opening of our offices in Miami, we seek to be closer to our customers, understanding and adapting to their needs in a more direct way. We offer personalized solutions and we know that proximity is key to building strong and lasting relationships. We are eager to demonstrate we are experts on catalog automation in the USA. We work with the best tools in the industry: Easycatalog to create and update catalogs and price lists, CatalogCloud, to optimize the layout process of commercial catalogs and Sales Layer, a PIM (Product Information Management) system to store and manage all the product information of your company and distribute it among different sales channels.

2. Growth and international expansion

Nousmedis has already led different projects automating catalogs for customers located in various countries around the world. But this new chapter in our history marks the most significant step in our global expansion strategy. Miami, a city that emerges as a technological, business, and cultural hub, with its own Silicon Beach, rivaling Silicon Valley itself, and vying with other cities like São Paulo in Brazil to become the world capital of startups, provides us with the perfect entry platform to extend our presence and strengthen our impact on the international arena, taking this first step in USA.

3. Continuous innovation on catalog automation

Our company has historically been a pioneer and has stood out for its innovative approach in the field of catalog automation and the optimization of editorial production processes. By establishing our offices in the United States, we are committed to continuing to drive innovation in our products and services, offering solutions that anticipate and meet the growing demands of the international market.

4. Strategic collaboration

In this exciting chapter in our growth, Nousmedis is embarking on a comprehensive collaboration strategy aimed at strengthening our connections and expanding our impact both locally and globally. We are committed to exploring and establishing strong and strategic alliances with companies in the United States. The world today demands a strong international presence. We are focused on building meaningful relationships with customers beyond our borders to promote the exchange of ideas and foster synergies that contribute to mutual development.

Opening the door of this new commercial office in Miami is what opens the way for us to be leaders in catalog automation in the USA.

Javier Gómez, Founder & CEO

Happy and excited with the culmination of this effort, we are eager to start being the key player of catalog automation in the USA. A new professional adventure in the exciting Anglo-Latin business culture that comes to life walking through the sunny streets of Miami. If you listen carefully, curious slang words come out, sometimes a mix of Spanish and English. An example: their particular use of “mission”, which refers to something that is truly hard or difficult to achieve. Our “mission” in this 2024 is this journey. A challenging journey of many miles that, like all, begins with a first step and where the important thing is not the destination but the journey itself.

Join us on this learning crossing and don’t hesitate to contact us by using the phone number of our commercial office in Miami (786-772-3742) or by filling out the form below and we will be delighted to assist you and to start working together:

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