Live with Profeivan: automating catalogs with InDesign


We want to share with you the video of the live show we had the pleasure of being invited to by Iván Gómez, aka Profeivan. His popular YouTube channel aims to show in a pleasant and didactic way how to use graphic design programs correctly. On this occasion, our intervention was focused on explaining clearly and precisely the various options for automating catalogs with InDesign: combining data, using a workflow with XML or using the dedicated plugin EasyCatalog.

In summary, we highlight below the pros and cons of each of the proposals:

  • Combination of data: this is the recommended option when your data is very “simple” (for example, a business card) and/or the design and structure of the document is repetitive. You will lose the link to the original document, so you will have to make changes by hand or regenerate the combined document. No additional cost.
  • XML workflow: when the project is based on more complex data, with product hierarchies and different ways of composing the content. The “automatic editing” capabilities are limited, and require a rigid XML document structure. Again, the link to the data source will be lost once the document has been composed. Indirect” cost for preparing XML document and InDesign template
  • EasyCatalog: automating catalogs with EasyCatalog in InDesign is the most powerful option. Supports any type of product hierarchy, with support for multiple field types: image, icon, formatted text, tables, etc. The live link to the data source is maintained. It allows unlimited automated design possibilities. Associated license cost. Ideal for catalogs with many pages and hundreds or thousands of products.
The video reviews the workflow for creating catalogs automatically with InDesign from different product data sources and categorizations.

As the video is only available in Spanish, if you would like to learn more on the contents of the video or get to know us a little better, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact us using the form below. We will be happy to assist you.

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